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Prices of Virtual Offices for Attorneys

We all know that there are many virtual offices out there. All of the virtual offices are different in their features and services. Popularity of the virtual office application depend purely on the quality of service provided by the staff. This article is about discussing the prices of different virtual offices.


Prices of virtual offices depends upon the services of the virtual office provider. Most of the virtual office application provide almost the same services with in the same price range. The difference in the quality of their service. However the quality also depends upon several factors and that’s why prices of the virtual office packages also vary a lot from country to country. There are also some office providers who provide their services across borders, hence they are having some difference in services and in prices as well.

Following things are taken into account:-

  • Mailing address
  • Professional Address
  • Meeting
  • Other features

Let’s have a deep look on the prices of virtual office applications:-

Note: All the prices below are in US dollars and are correct up to an extent of some reliable resources and official websites.

Following are some of main competitors in market:-

Servecop – 305 US dollars per month for a location in 12th and Midtown Atlanta in GA

  • Address
  • Customizable receptionist
  • Online meeting
  • Private office accessibility when out of city
  • A team which is dedicated
  • Fax to email
  • And much more

Davinci virtual office- sol. 199 US dollars for Premium plan for fifty live answering minutes

  • Feature of Call forwarding
  • Live call answering
  • Phone Number
  • Mail pick and drop facility

Regus- with no initial setup fee and monthly rent of services is about 100 US Dollars

  • Courier Management
  • Member ship for Business gold card
  • Discount while purchasing from Regus purchasing groups

Opus Virtual Offices has no initial set up fee and it has been rated as most reasonable virtual office on the basis of opus good services and relatively low price of about 99 US dollars for a month. It provides the most basic needs of today’s business with great quality. Customer satisfaction is quite good with this application package.

Alliance Virtual office charges their clients an initial setup fee of about 100 US dollars. Then they charge monthly dues for their services from their valued customers.

Following are some services:-

  • Call forwarding facility
  • Mail forwarding facility
  • Postal packages management for picking and dropping
  • Automated phone answering


If we summarize all the prices for virtual office applications we’ll come to know that these are not comparable at any cost normal offices because normal office have their own features rather perks and virtual offices have their own. Both service providers are charging on the basis of their quality and uniqueness of the features of applications that they are providing. Customers will always be attracted towards the service that they find reasonable according to business need and budget.

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