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Online Marketing for Attorneys

Individual lawyers often don’t advertise themselves because they make the mistake of believing that working within the law firm they’re in is all the advertisement that they need. But one of the key steps to a successful career as a lawyer is online marketing. Business and marketing are part of what comes with the profession, so it’s necessary that you advertise yourself both within and outside of your law firm.

Online marketing for lawyers isn’t clear cut because people aren’t just looking to find a lawyer that looks successful, they’re looking to find someone they can trust. It doesn’t matter how successful you seem if potential clients don’t know anything about you, or worse, think you’re sleazy. 

Therefore, you can’t simply follow the normal online marketing strategies. You need to make a plan, decide how you want to market yourself and consider what you feel comfortable doing. If you’re not comfortable with a particular strategy or you don’t think it’s going to work out for you than it’s not a good idea. You need to look genuine and likable to your potential clients, so if you don’t feel comfortable with how you market yourself they’re going to notice that. Lawyers are already unfairly perceived as untrustworthy and greedy, don’t give people more reason to think that about you.  

There are countless ways to use online marketing to bolster your services and reputation as a lawyer so you won’t have any trouble finding the correct strategies for your career. One of the most significant methods is search engine optimization, or SEO.  

People think that if you’re successful your name will be big and easily found with a Google search. If they want to learn more about a particular lawyer or law firm they’re going to go online and do some research into them and if your website is consistently not included in the first page of Google results that will sharply decrease your chances of being found by potential clients.


Another important aspect with SEO are backlinks which direct traffic onto your website. In fact, they’re the most pivotal part. If you have a good amount of quality backlinks than search engines will rank your website higher in the search results. Law firm marketing companies can provide you with quality backlinks as SEO is one of the things they specialize in, or you can try it yourself; it’s not too difficult to do once you understand how it works. However, it is highly recommended you speak with a professional like so that you can focus on what you do best, which is serving your clients.

However, remember that even with a great, SEO friendly website you will still need to focus on building relationships. Relationships are the key while online marketing is an essential tool to building relationships and helping people become familiar with you and your services. It’s a competitive market out there for lawyers so even with a first-rate website and a lot of visibility online, that won’t guarantee anything.  

There’s just so many other firms that people will turn to instead because they already know, like and trust them better. It will take some time but eventually online marketing will lead to relationships which will lead to more success for you as a lawyer.

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